Sunday, January 10, 2010

Product Review #1: The Kindle

Well its been a few weeks since Christmas now and a few weeks since I got my Amazon Kindle E-reader. Not only is this device going to change my reading habits, but it changes the way we think about reading now. I know not all readers and all books will go to Kindle, but I think its a worthy cost to enable a part of my book collection to travel when I want it to. By no means am I going to "trade-in" my book collection or stop buying books, but the device is a great tool in the new world of reading.

The Kindle, in its 2nd generation, has many features that users that will enjoy. The most important to me so far has been the speed. The books download, open, and operate fast. Most downloads can happen under 30 seconds and even with weaker signals on its Whispernet network (powered by AT&T) the books do not take long to download. Of course an important speed function for e-readers (and apparently a complaint on many other brands) is the page turning function. It flows across pages just about as fast as you can read them. On that topic, I love how I don't have to re-adjust the book every time I do turn the page. I know its something stupid and simple, but its nice to me in cramps spots or just not really moving much.

Well, beyond the sales pitch I was trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid, the Kindle offers other features that I have enjoyed. It offers many magazines for download and at a great price. I have already subscribed to PC Magazine for $1.49 per month. Its tougher to read but magazines are perfect for this format in my mind.

Overall I am very happy with my Kindle and look forward to new editions. In the future I hope that Amazon add some much needed features to the device for its next release. I know one I would really like is a memory card reader. I know Barnes and Noble has one on their device and hopefully Amazon will answer with their future models. I could see the memory card being used for archiving old books, loading and viewing pictures, PDFs, etc.

Well I hope this first review is helpful to anyone that might want a better idea of what its about. Let me know of any questions....I will have more blogs are to come and one will include the first book I am reading on my Kindle "Long Walk to Freedom", the autobiography from Nelson Mandela.

Thanks for reading!


♥nat ♥ said...

I am glad you like the Kindle. I can see myself getting one - eventually.

Tara D said...

great first review nick! very in depth description i found this very interesting :)