Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes

Well I don't usually watch the award shows, but this year I figured I wouldn't fight the wife on it with some good movies and people up for awards.

It started off kind of frustrating because so many I was rooting for lost. For instance I strongly believed that Avatar should win for Original Song and Score. Those were two parts of the movie I really liked and thought it helped make Avatar the epic it is. It was ok that Up! got it for score though. I liked the movie and its music, so I think it was deserving anyway. I was also glad it won for animated. I haven't heard the song from Crazy Heart, but I know T Bone Burnnett is usually pretty good at what he does.

Moving on from that some of the actors I was rooting for won and I think they are long deserving of the awards they won. Robert Downey, Jr for one is very deserving and despite his road bumps, he has had a great career and his recent movies and I am very happy he won for Sherlock Holmes, it was a great movie. I am also very happy for Sandra Bullock whom I have followed for many years and I am very glad she did a great movie like The Blind Side. She was great in it and was just an overall great movie. She is an amazing actress and finally getting an award for it. I also hope that both of them will be nominated and win the Oscar. I will have reviews of both of these movies coming up as well, so keep checking back.

As for the Director and Picture- Drama awards, I was so happy to see that Avatar took home the awards. I even stayed up while feeling bad to make sure that it did. James Cameron's work on this movie was amazing and with the details of the effort he put into the movie is astonishing and made me cheer for him even more. As a geek I have to admit I loved his speeches as well, he not only promoted the environmental stand in his movie he also through in some of his Na'vi language... "Oel ngati kameie ma tsmukan sì smuke." Which means I see you my brothers and sisters. It was a great time for Avatar fans and a bright spot for the future of the franchise.

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Anonymous said...

God I'm out of it I didn't see you post this blog. I loved watched and tweeting about the Golden Globes. I am thinking we should have an Oscar party! lol

I think the main categories were awarded accordingly, even though "Avatar" was robbed from best music.