Monday, June 9, 2008


Ok. So this is a big week in baseball, at least for me and some others who love the game. Mr. Ken Griffey Jr. blasted his 600th career home run on Monday night. As many know now days 600 has been reached by a few questionable hitters the past few years so some of its glory has been lost, but for this man it means a lot to baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. has never been once mentioned in any scandal including the long stretch of steroid talks that bog down the sport to this day. He is one of the closest examples of The Natural there is. He is what A-Rod strives to be if you ask me. His swing is just the most natural thing you have ever seen, and as kids we copied it all we could, even if we were right handed batters haha. He was certainly the next big thing and even with all of his injuries, he has never let anyone down. Now as he gets closer to retirement, and 3,000, hits, he solidifies his place in baseball history and the Hall of Fame, he continues to amaze all ages and give baseball fans a reason to watch the game in an age of big salaries and scandals.

Yes I know baseball obsessed, what can I say, I just love the sport, I love being there or watching from my couch. I even love listening to it online or on the radio, there is just no better game! From the time I was a little kid in the suburbs and then the country...I have just loved the sport. Most of all I grew up watching and worshiping Mr. Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. I followed him from the time I can remember until the time he hung up his jersey in 2001. I have collected all sorts of memories and souvenirs from his career and my life of rooting for the Orioles. Although I do follow the Orioles with a passion, I also enjoy following some other teams, mainly other National League teams. For the American League its pretty much just the Orioles I root for and follow closely. In the National League I follow the Atlanta Braves (for now), Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Chicago Cubs. All for different reasons, but most of them built in childhood.

Well I know this was all random and useless information, but thanks for letting me just blab about my favorite sport.....

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Nat said...

I absolutely love baseball...even though I don't love it as much as say Rachel =she can talk stats and players names with you - I know I love to be at the stadium and feel the ambiance! I loved all the games we went to - sitting in all seats - nosebleed to first base line1

Hopefully we'll have more memories like that to share with our kids!